WordPress Optimization

[Note: This has been updated with newer content!] Chances are that if you are using WordPress as the platform for your website, you know the importance and need to for  WordPress Optimization for SEO. It does not matter if you are blogging on your site or if it is a static site, WordPress automatically gives […]

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Get Your Starter Site!

As we end 2014 (hard to believe there are only about 2 weeks left!) I wanted to offer a new program and test out some ideas. One of the things I do is create custom websites for people and businesses. Usually these sites start at around $1,500 and go up depending on the functionality they […]

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Out Of The Box Thinking

I feel like I was hit over the head, had my brain shaken up, and am now thinking out of the box. I always have know – and talked about – the need to develop a community on a website. I have written about the need to reply to comments on your website when readers […]

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The 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Blog

When it comes to Plugins, I am all about finding the good ones! I found an article on HuffPo (or HuffPost) titled, “The 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Blog” which turned out to be a little bit of a disappointment for me. Still, some of the items on the list were spot […]

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7 Content Best Practices to Follow To Get Raving Fans

Let’s face it – we all want to get raving fans that consume all our content, purchase all our products, and are delighted when they do so! (I am raising my hand in agreement!) I have always known that having readers and subscribers was important – some call “The List” the Holy Grail of internet […]

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