Using Audio On Your Website

Audio is a very powerful selling tool.  Some people aren’t very good at reading, or really hate to read, but they don’t mind listening as they multi-task.  Using audio on your site is a great way to capture their attention and sell to people who really can’t stand reading long sales pitches. Audio instantly captures […]

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How would you like to get more done?

Whenever I ask that question, people think it is a trick! But seriously, how would it feel if you were more productive? How would you like to have plenty of time to not only blog, but to do all the other things are are on your plate? What if, at the end of the day […]

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Blog Content

Content Creation Strategies

One of the main reason to use a WordPress site is to make content creation a key focus for your online marketing efforts. Publishing content on a regular basis is key. Here is a summary: Every piece of content (i.e. blog posts) you create becomes a new element that is indexed in search engines like […]

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Pages vs. Posts

Posts Vs. Pages – What’s the Difference?

A common question that comes up all the time is, “What’s the difference between Posts and Pages?” POSTS You can think of posts as a diary type listing, except businesses and information sites all use them too. Depending on how you set up your posts they are usually listed in reverse chronological order just like […]

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Email Marketing Tips: How To Build That All Important Relationship With Your Subscribers

When it comes to email marketing tips, it isn’t just the ones that help you grow your list that matter. The truth is that your list could have thousands of subscribers, but none of them will make you any money unless they trust your offers and build a relationship with you and your brand. It […]

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