5 Awesome Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins

point smOK - I am going to make a confession up front. You may not want to read this post once you read what I have to tell you... Here goes...

In all the years I have had this site, I honestly think this is a first for me. I am going to be writing about something that I am GOING to be doing/testing/installing before I actually do it.

Whenever I talk about a plugin or a theme or whatever, I have first hand experience with it. In today's case, not really.

I was over at wpmudev reading a post by Raelene Wilson titled, 5 Awesome Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins. On that page is a list of, um, 5 Awesome Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins :-)

Shortcodes provide an easy way to add custom content to your site. Whether you want to add tabs to a page or buttons to a post, shortcodes let you quickly insert elements you regularly use.

I was doing some research on the best way to use shortcodes when I came across the list.

The list of 5 plugins listed are:

  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • WordPress Shortcodes
  • Shortcoder
  • Easy Bootstrap Shortcode
  • Simple Shortcodes

At this point, I am not sure which one I will be using - I will be testing them first to see which one fits my needs.

Do you use shortcodes at all? Does your theme support them? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. It would be interesting to see which one you use and why! I installed a short code plugin to help with Infographic codes, as WordPress was stripping part of the code away prior to publishing. Except I couldn’t get the code to work on my site…I think I was missing something tho!

    • Hi Catherine – I am still reviewing them on a couple test sites – the results will be out by the weekend 9at least that is my plan!)

      WordPress does not like a lot of html code added (even on the Text tab). As a result, it will automatically strip it out. There are some plugins that embed the actual html code so you can do what you want, but I never bothered too much with that.

      Thanks for stopping by! And, thanks for YOUR great post which I wrote about!

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