How To Handle A Product Launch

product launchIt's Launch Time!

Have you been getting clobbered with emails this past week from a major launch that just came out? I know I have been getting even more email than normal. A lot of big names have been promoting an 'expensive' Video solution this past week. ('Expensive is in quotes because it is all relative!)

I think this is one of the biggest launches in Internet Marketing for a while. I have not seem this much buzz in months over a single product.

When a major launch like this happens, many people jump in to promote it. They do this not just because they are nice and might like the Product Developer, but because high end products like this pay a big commission. Not only that, they usually have sales contests to get peoples' competitive spirit going.

Because of this, there were 9and will be) a LOT of marketers promoting and most are offering bonus packages to entice you to buy from their link. These bonuses can many times be worth MORE than the cost of the product that is being sold! Some folks will offer new products as a bonus while others will offer packages that they sold previously.

The competition can get pretty fierce! As the contest comes to an end, more and more bonuses can get added. Again, remember that these bonuses are NOT from the original product developer, but rather folks promoting the product.

What can you learn from this?

1) When a product is launched, wait. Sit back and do nothing. I was tempted to get in on an offer directly from the developer for a reduced cost because I purchased the previous version. If I pre-purhcased the newer product, I could save $100. It was tempting...

2) When all the big players start to offer their bonus package, look at them and decide which is best for you. Sometimes an affiliate (the person promoting the product) will offer a bonus and you might have it already. Or, you might not need it. Take a look at all of them and then decide which one fits in best for you.

I waited, evaluated which one I liked, and purchased from the offer that was best for me.

How do you handle big launches like this?

2 Responses to “How To Handle A Product Launch”

  1. Launches! :-) After a while they all feel they same, don’t you think?
    “This is the one you’ve got to have!! This will solve your XYZ problem, and FAST too. It almost works by it self, just… fill in the blank, but do it NOW because otherwise you’ll miss out and be left behind… I’m getting cured from Shiny Object Syndrom by the shiny objects themselves…
    I don’t even have time to look into all those bonuses. Does any one?

    How I handle them? Gut feeling! Works like a charm! 😀

  2. I wait. Is it REALLY something I need or did they just to an awesome job selling it.
    And after I’ve slept on it and it still sounds like something that I must have…. then I’ll shop around for the best offer! Just like you! :)

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