Using Ghostwriters to Write Content For You

If you operate a blog with a any amount of readership, you may want to consider using ghostwriters to write content for you. The major advantage to hiring a ghostwriter is that it frees you up to do the things you do best, such as marketing, product-creation, or administrative work.

Using ghostwriters to write content for you can also be quite beneficial if you can find some who are experts on whichever subject you are blogging about. For instance, if you are blogging about sauces, you may actually be able to find someone who has attended a culinary school and can write excellent articles and homemade recipes for sauce on your blog.

In most cases, using ghostwriters to write content for you will entail some sort of contractual obligation. For instance, if you hire someone from or, you will have to post a project and then specifically select one of the project applications to complete the project for you. They (the writers) may require you to pay a deposit upfront – and Guru or Elance will require you to pay some sort of fee for using them as a labor market intermediary.

The largest challenge to using ghostwriters to write content for you is that they are often somewhat unpredictable – at least until you have developed a long-lasting relationship. For instance, you may hire a ghostwriter and then find out that he or she never responds to you after receiving the deposit. You may also find that the ghostwriter will plagiarize portions of the work and will take off if you question him about it. All of these are important potential problems to consider when using ghostwriters to write content for you.

A better alternative may be to use PLR. PLR, or Private Label Rights, is similar to using a ghost writer; however, the written work is not exclusively yours. An article that is purchased as PLR could be sold to 150 different people to use. The benefit of PLR over a ghostwriter is generally that the cost will be considerably lower! Because the article, Special Report, eBook, or whatever content you write is being sold to 100 people, the cost will be much less.

The downside to using PLR is that you cannot simply ‘get it and use it.’ Because other folks are using it, you need to tweak it, change the content a bit, and put it in your own voice.

In summary, it using ghostwriters to write content for you can be quite beneficial for your blog – regardless of the subject – but if you don't have a reasonable means to protect yourself against plagiarism and to pay the writer without putting yourself at risk, it may be somewhat of a hassle until you find the right writer. Using PLR will be less expensive and could be more readily available, depending on your niche.

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  1. Great information! Thank you for sharing it! My blog isn’t that big yet but I’m going to look into these sites when I’m ready to break into freelancing myself.

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