WordPress Theme Licensing

A question about WordPress Themes was asked by Virgil. It seems that WordPress Themes is a common question out there! Anyway, Virgil asked:

I want to buy a wordpress theme and don't understand what's the difference between regular and extended license? Do I get to keep whichever one I pay for forever? Or do I have to pay a monthly fee or something like that?

Great question, Virgil!

The answer is, It Depends. Not a great answer, huh?

Generally speaking, when you purchase a WordPress theme, you purchase the license to use it outright. You have the use of it forever on one site. Updates may or may not be included.

In other cases, you may have to pay a monthly amount to keep using it. If the theme is providing some up to date content or support, they may charge you for it on a monthly basis.

Again, generally, an extended license means that you can use the theme on multiple sites that YOU own and operate. The fee is usually more than the regular license seeing as you can use it on multiple sites.

Finally, the developer of the theme may sell a Developer's License which would allow you to install the theme on someone else's website if you create it for them. This is typically the most expensive license that will be offered.

The best thing to do is contact the developer/company that is selling the theme and ask them!

Hope this helps.

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