Popup Domination & WordPress 3.3 – It now works!

Did Popup Domination break when you upgraded to WordPress 3.3 - it probably did! There are lots of rumblings on the message boards looking for support and unhappy people wanting answers!

I have been searching around trying find a solution or at least get a definitive answer to what, when, where, how, and all those other investigative questions that a good journalist is supposed to do.

The not so good news is that I did not find answers to all those questions.

The GOOD news is that I did find a work around so you can keep WordPress 3.3 running and still have Popup Domination working (did it pop up here for you on INeedHelpWithWordPress.com ?) I found a post that ichurakov posted.

Here is what you need to do - be warned - you need to change the source files of the programming code. One false slip and it could be toast once again for your site!

First I went into my File Manager of my hosting account to get to the file that needs to be changed. You can do the same thing using FTP software, like FileZilla, if you have it.

Navigate to public/yoursitename.com/wp-content/plugins (or where ever your hosting company manages your files).

You will see your popup-domination folder (you may have renamed it to get your site back. If so, put it back to 'popup-domination').

Go into that folder and open the file, 'popup-domination.php'. Since I accessed it via my File Manager of my hosting company, I used the Code Editor to edit this file.

Search for the line that says:

wp_admin_css( 'theme-editor' );

and simply add 2 characters before it. Add // and it will look like this:

// wp_admin_css( 'theme-editor' );

This comments out the line - what this means is that it tells the computer to ignore it. This line is the one that is messing up WordPress. For me, I was still running version 2.0 of Popup Domination so I found this on line 34. Your line may be different if you are using a different version!

Save the file.

Now, go back to you plugins in your dashboard area, and reactivate Popup Domination.

Life should be good once again!

There are some drawbacks to this method that you should be aware of - you can decide if they are worth it:

  1. You are editing the code of the plugin that you purchased that should work. Some people think this should not be done.
  2. If a new version comes out, it will overlay your code changes (you probably want this to happen)
  3. Some folks think that the developer / company that sells the plugin should correct it, not you.
  4. If you make a bad keystroke, you can really mess things up.

I opted to go with the change so I could have the functionality of Popup Domination working with the new version of WordPress 3.3.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Be Well.

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  1. thanks for the fix !
    its work now !

  2. Thank you very mutch! Now i have PopUp Dominator working well in WordPress 3.3! Thx 😀

  3. I turned my popup domination off some time ago, however should I decide to reinstate it, thank you for posting these steps.

    I’m surprised the creators of the plugin haven’t created an automatic update for all of their customers.

    • You are welcome, Annemarie – Why did you turn it off?

      • I received a number of comments from people who said that they would not read any articles if there were popups on the website. So when I reviewed the number of people that were signing up (which was minimal) I made the decision to turn it off. I’d rather not turn people off, have them read my articles and then make a decision to access my material after such time. [I have a system in place which works well for me anyhow with signsup].

        I also recognised that I found it quite annoying myself and will pretty much close down the pop up. It has also jammed my system, and I would hate for this to happen to one of my site visitors.

        • Thanks for the information, Paul. I am currently making a decision if I should be using it to promote SEO to Real Estate Agents and Brokers. I personally find popups quite annoying if they don’t go away easily. If they are gone with the key, I’m ok with that. I am disappointed that the author did not take the effort to fix it themselves.

  4. Valeu amigo… Funcionou aqui!
    Abraços desde o Brasil!

  5. Thanks, Paul. Great job. Now everything are work.

  6. Great! Thanks for the fix! It’s work for me.. Now Popup Domination and WordPress 3.3 life together.. 😉

  7. Brilliant!

    Thanks so much, Paul.

    FYI, there’s a typo in your file name:


    Or maybe you’re Italian? 😉

    I’ve emailed support at Popup Domination to ask for a fix but your fix did the trick.


  8. Paul, I got a reply back from support:

    “We have released the 3.2 update which will fix the bug and allow PopUp Domination to work with WordPress 3.3. You can update through the WordPress admin or you can download the latest files here:”

  9. Hey Paul, thanks for sharing the fix. I think it also needs to be said if Pop Up Domination are not going to service their support it could be time to move on and find a better provider.

    • That is always an option, Sarah! That is true for any plugin – if you are not getting the support you need, time to move on. One of the criteria I use when installing a new plugin is the length of time since the last update to the plugin. I like to see a developer maintaining it.

      With that said, I use a couple plugins on some sites are are entirely too old that are NO LONGER supported. However, they work and the functionality cannot be found elsewhere. Therefore, I use it. When a new version of WP is issued, I test the heck out of it to make sure it works :-)

  10. I don’t know you, but I LOVE you for fixing Popup Domination! I was 10 seconds from asking for a refund when I found your site. They owe you BIG TIME! Keep up the great work!

  11. Thanks for the fix. It worked well.

    I’d contacted the plugin publisher a few days ago about a fix but haven’t heard anything. Don’t expect they will either. They have not in the past.

    I like your check the box CAPTCHA!

    • Lilia – The CAPTCHA plugin I am using is Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP) – it is a lot easier than trying to guess what the letters are in order to post! Until the spammer learn how to use the checkbox, I am keeping that plugin!

      • Thanks for the CAPTCHA information. I have one that is simple but this one is even simpler and I love the ease of use. Think I will try it.
        Happy holidays to you. your loved ones and all your your followers.

  12. Awesome. Thank you for posting such a concise and elegant way of fixing this! This just happened to a client’s site, I typed the error code in Google, and your site was first. Need not search further.

    Thanks once again!

  13. Hi Paul, I know everyone has thanked you a bunch already but still, THANK YOU.

    People like you make the internet a better place. =)

  14. Thank you very much!

    I was hesitant to upgrade to WP3.3 as I was aware of the PD issue.. until I found your workaround.

    Upgraded to WP3.3.. commented out that line, and everything works as expected!


    • Great! I know a lot of people simply disabled the plugin – Great to see that you actually commented out the code and are in business!

  15. Thank you , Thank you, Thank You!!!!!! Deleted the plug in and I was good to go

  16. thanks

    My Site it on line now 😉

  17. Thanks for the solution.
    I can’t believe one plugin can mess things up so badly. Will know better next time before updating…

  18. I own you a beer, you saved me.

    It works but only when using the wordpress editor. First I tried to edit the file in Windows and then to upload it over the existing one, but this didn’t seem to work.


  19. At first, I was having a hard time getting it to pop up. Then I cleared my browser and it worked. Thank you very much! Finally updated my WP lol

  20. awesome you saved me from a heart attack

  21. That worked for me! Many thaks indeed Paul, you are very much appreciated. Happy New Year to you and yours,

    Kindest regards,


  22. THANK YOU! a life saver!

  23. Thank YOU!!!!! works perfectly!!!!

  24. Worked perfectly and took less than 10 minutes – Thank you very much!
    I really didn’t want to just abandon popup domination.
    thanks again and Happy New Year!

  25. Great help, more help than the developers on this one. thanks

    Dwight Anthony

  26. Thanks man! It really works.
    For me, It took less than 2 minuts work!

    Thanks man!

  27. Hey!

    Great post. I have pop-up domination 2.5. Is there any fix that you know for that version. Have you heard any news about them upgrading their plugin to work with wordpress 3.3? Thanks for your help!

  28. Thanks Paul, really good explained. I don’t know nothing about programming but with your explanation it was very easy.

  29. really useful thanks for sharing!

  30. Any news about pop up domination releasing a plugin that actually works?? I contact their support and never hear anything! Any luck on your end?

    • I think they released a version that works, Matt! Check the support site. I will go look this weekend to see if I find anything new about it!

  31. Paul,
    Great info here. Thank you! I just re-uploaded the plug in and it says version 2.5. Is that the most current version?

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Anthony –
      I am using version 1.2.0. Since it just came out a few months ago, I was surprised to see that you list version 2.5, so I checked. Are you using the same plugin? Search for “Plugin Performance Profiler” – it currently comes up as the first one. The author is GoDaddy.com (yup – the hosting company!)

  32. Thanks man you saved my life! :)

  33. You are a life saver… thought i completely screwed my blog up lol

  34. I had completely given up on Popup domination until today.

    You are a life saver, you increased my email capture by 300% from today :)


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